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Kommunikation, Medien und Technologie
Verizon Gains Critical Insights with Self-Service Analytics

Verizon Wireless was challenged to make good use of its extremely large datasets. Generating reports in Excel was time consuming and sharing was difficult.

58 Min.
Emerging Business Intelligence Best Practices

The ground is shifting beneath business intelligence (BI).

60 Min.
Data Discovery Tools and Methods: Expanding BI Options for Users

With information playing an ever greater role in operations, users are clamoring for tools that enable them to easily access, analyze, and share data. Mainstream BI vendors are satisfying some of this pent-up demand for business intelligence (BI) expansion, but the cost and complexity of extending...

55 Min.
Ad-Hoc Scenario Analysis Using Existing Infrastructure

Scenario analysis is a powerful way to evaluate business opportunities and risks. For many users, it's a core requirement of business intelligence. But the reality of most organizations today is that data needed for relevant scenario analysis lives in many different places: cubes, databases, Excel...

60 Min.
Creating and Deploying Brilliant Dashboards

There's a growing trend in savvy companies that are helping end-users create and deliver tailored dashboards through the smart deployment of effective dashboard software and applications. A good dashboard displays key metrics quickly, but a brilliant one can clearly and rapidly communicates...

9 Min.
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Datenintegration für die Digital Enterprise

Um als digitales Unternehmen erfolgreich zu sein, muss Ihr Unternehmen mehr als nur in Technologie investieren.

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Tableau im Einsatz - Unternehmensweites Salesreporting mit Tableau

Daten sind nicht nur die Grundlage für (fast) alles, was wir bei Tableau tun, sondern auch bei unseren Partnern und Kunden von zentraler Bedeutung im Tagesgeschäft.

Twitter Survival Guide: Visualizing Social Media

Do you want to see your Twitter feed in a new way? Have you ever wanted to analyze Twitter data to understand your social media presence? Well, this webinar is for you.

37 Min.
Using Dashboards to See, Share and Take Action

Performance dashboards are everywhere these days, but that doesn't mean everyone is getting the view they need to make better decisions.

59 Min.