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Put together an Academy Award-winning professor, a brilliant computer scientist at the world's most prestigious university and a savvy business leader with a passion for data. Add in one of the most challenging problems in software: making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people. You won't believe what happens next.

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Our leadership team

Adam Selipsky

President and CEO

Andrew Beers

Chief Technology Officer

Damon Fletcher

Chief Financial Officer

Francois Ajenstat

Chief Product Officer

Dan Miller

Executive VP Sales, Services
and Support

Jackie Yeaney

Executive VP, Marketing

Jay Peir

Executive VP, Corporate Strategy

Keenan Conder

Executive VP, General Counsel
and Corporate Secretary

Mark Nelson

Executive VP, Product Development

Michele Yetman

Executive VP, Human Resources

Tom Walker

Executive VP, Cloud

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Tableau’s core cultural values

We’re all about culture. Here’s eight guiding principles that are a part of everyday life.

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Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky and other data leaders share their vision for the future of visual analytics.

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Watch the developer team demo the latest and greatest products, as well as our newest features.

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