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Ask Andy Anything

Watch this exclusive Q&A session with data experts Andy Kirk and Andy Cotgreave who answer your questions on anything and everything data viz.

Andy Kirk is a UK-based freelance data visualisation specialist: A design consultant, training provider, author, editor of visualisingdata.com, speaker and researcher, whilst Andy Cotgreave is a Technical Evangelist at Tableau who trains, speaks, and writes about how we can better explore and see our data.

Some of the topics discussed in the Q&A session include:

  • The state of data visualization
  • 5 best viz types
  • Favourite books on data viz

You can check out the Tableau blog for some follow-up links and resources, as well as Andy Cotgreave's own blog in which he took the time to answer some of the questions we couldn't get to on the day.

About the speakers

Andy Kirk

Data Visualisation Specialist and Founder of visualisingdata.com

Andy Cotgreave

Technical Evangelism Director, Tableau
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