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Data Rich but Information Poor: Building a Data-Driven Culture in Manufacturing

Manufacturers commonly have lots of data, but frequently don't have the bandwidth to do much with it beyond creating a quick chart needed for the next meeting. And yet, there's a wealth of potential in that data that's just begging to be unleashed.

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll hear how to use data visualization to:

  • Implement "big-needle metrics" for a clear picture of how the factory is doing at any time
  • Develop insights that can forewarn of problems before they become problems
  • Combine data from different sources to improve root cause analysis

We'll highlight Tableau's ability to publish pre-configured data sources that everyone in the business can access, and how to use published data sources to define a "single source of truth" and enable deep- often unexpected- insights through data exploration.

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About the speakers

Dan Meier

Manufacturing Industry Thought Leader

Craig Fairfield

Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing, Tableau
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