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Improving Operating Room Patient Flow with Real-Time Data at Florida Hospital

Operating room (OR) performance has become a priority as surgical services represent an increasingly important revenue source for hospitals. Historically, surgical patient throughput was monitored with top-level metrics like “OR in to OR out” times via an operating room information system (ORIS). But this high-level view doesn’t reveal why a procedure was delayed – only that a problem occurred. While OR processes appear to be highly standardized, the truth is that even the strictest protocols leave room for variation. Due to the complexity, it is difficult to accurately track and pinpoint the root cause of delays and bottlenecks in patient throughput and capacity management.

In this webinar, see how Florida Hospital is using Real-Time Location System (RTLS) data to uncover new sub-metrics of OR Patient Flow and define goals to improve OR performance at their Celebration Health Campus. Florida Hospital developed real-time data visualizations and retrospective analytic dashboards to improve processes, reach daily Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enhance communication, and deliver real-time information to staff in Pre-Op, Intra-Op, PACU, and acute care unit, as well as to waiting family members.

In this webinar, learn about Florida Hospital’s:

  • Application of real-time data to patient flow process and efficiency in the OR
  • Accountability practice behind the data in real-time visibility boards and retrospective analytics dashboards
  • Accelerating improvements in wait time, on-time starts, room utilization, patient satisfaction, and other key metrics

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About the speakers

Ashley Simmons

Director of Innovation Development, Florida Hospital
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