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Top 10 Big Data Trends for 2017

This year, systems that support large volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to rise. The market will demand platforms that help data custodians govern and secure big data while empowering end users to analyze that data. Each year, Tableau starts a conversation about the new ways big data is changing the face of business. That discussion drives our list of top big data trends for the following year.

In this webinar, explore:

  • Emerging trends in big data
  • Tableau experts' take on the changing big data landscape
  • Considerations for your 2017 big data strategy

Tune in to submit questions during the live Q&A with our panelists and attendees.

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About the speakers

Dan Kogan

Director, Product Marketing, Tableau

Vaidy Krishnan

Senior Product Manager, Tableau

Robin Cottiss

Strategic Sales Consultant, Tableau Software
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