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Titolo Lunghezza
Servizi finanziari
Les données au service du changement dans le secteur de l’assurance

À l'ère de la transformation digitale, les assureurs investissent massivement pour collecter, stocker et protéger leurs données, mais quelles sont ceux qui se considèrent aujourd’hui comme réelleme

45 min
Tutti - Settori
Virtual Tableau Cinema Tour

Lights, Camera, Action! Welcome to the Tableau Cinema Tour

78 min
Tutti - Settori
Excel & Tableau: laskentataulukoista vuorovaikutteisiin dashboardeihin

Excel on erinomainen työkalu datan hallintaan. Mutta jos haluat etsiä datasta tärkeimmät tiedot, siihen vaaditaan tehokasta visuaalista analytiikkaa.

47 min
Tutti - Settori
Data Viz Debate: Andy Cotgreave v Andy Kirk

The Data Viz Debate brings together two of the sharpest minds in data to share their opposing views on the most divisive issues in data visualisation design.

47 min
Tutti - Settori
Dashboards for insights and impact

What elements subconsciously catch your eye? Successful dashboards require you to think like a designer.

20 min
Tutti - Settori
Why you won't want to miss Tableau Conference Europe 2019

With thousands of data enthusiasts taking over Berlin from 17-19 June, Tableau Conference Europe 2019 is the perfect place to enhance your Tableau ski

30 min
Tableau 10 소개: 데이터를 더 멋지게

46 min
Tutti - Settori
Tableau 10 Live

Your data just got hotter. Watch the Tableau 10 celebration. Hear about some of our favorite features and see all that's new in Tableau 10.

60 min
The New Design Canvas in Tableau 10

Ready to see something beautiful? We’ve given the Tableau 10 interface an artisanal makeover by revamping its iconography, typography, and colours.

56 min
Tableau for Finance Demo

In a matter of just 30 short minutes, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the products and how to get the most out of your finance data, including how to:

43 min