Six Trends in Retail Analytics


The trend toward retail analytics isn’t new, but maturing technologies and techniques—and the many new opportunities they offer—are exponentially magnifying.

In today’s data explosion, companies are bringing together point-of-sale data, website traffic, marketing numbers, and transactional data to find actionable insights from the big picture. But analyzing all of this information is just one small element in the evolving world of shopping.

As mobility and analytics collide, both the consumer and the retailer are moving toward a real-time, mobilized experience. The wave of innovation is far from over. This paper highlights the top trends in retail and consumer goods analytics, including:

  • Advanced analytics is no longer just for analysts
  • Mobile reporting is fully realized
  • The Internet of Things changes the shopping game
  • Omni-Channel data integration gets exciting
  • The retail marketing mix modernizes
  • Real-time inventory becomes a critical need

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Informazioni sugli autori

Jeff Huckaby

Market Segment Director, Retail and Consumer Goods, Tableau