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On-Site Training Classes

Learn from Tableau expert trainers and choose the content and timing that suits your organization's needs, without having to deal with travel or time away. The on-site courses accommodate up to 15 students (unless noted otherwise), with several also offered in a virtual classroom environment.

About on-site training

How do I book on-site training?
If you are interested in booking on-site training, review the course offerings and then contact your Tableau account representative to help you determine what option may be best for you. If you do not know your Tableau account representative, please contact

What is the benefit of on-site training versus public training?
Both on-site and public training are viable options for learning to use Tableau. If you have a large group of people requiring training at the same time, you may find that you can save time and money by having a Tableau trainer come to your office.

Is on-site training available globally?
Tableau is developing a network of trainers. Contact your account representative to determine whether we are able to deliver onsite training in your area. Training prices may vary internationally.

Can I customize on-site training?
The Tableau training team has put considerable effort into determining the most effective way to learn Tableau. The curriculum walks you through activities that will help you learn and understand the important concepts within Tableau. As a result, we find it is best not to veer too far off the path of our training best practices.

How many students can be in a class?
Classes are interactive, with many hands-on activities and a forum to ask questions. We find that 8-12 is an ideal number of students in a class in order to ensure each student gets focused time with the instructor. We allow a maximum of 15 students per class (unless noted otherwise).

Can the training be modified to be based on our data?
We have found that students learn the concepts of Tableau better if they are abstracted from data they are close to. The sample data and activities provided in each class are built to ensure that the important concepts of Tableau are well understood. Working from your own data tends to sideline teaching into data issues.
For those that want the opportunity to work from their own data, we offer our Custom Data Workshop. This one-day offering can be added to any other onsite packages to allow students to learn the product using standard training samples and then to apply the concepts to their own data in a following workshop. This is a training add-on, and is not delivered on its own.

What are the requirements for hosting an on-site training class?
To host a Tableau training on-site you will need a classroom with a projector and white boards, one PC per student with Tableau installed, and internet access available on each machine. The expectation is that the classroom and PC will be set up prior to the arrival of the instructor. Upon booking onsite training, we will provide you a detailed setup checklist.

What materials are provided?
Tableau will provide all of the materials required for the training class, including one training manual and USB drive per student. The training manual provides a handy take away reference for the student. The USB drive includes copies of all of the completed activities, plus many sample workbooks and documents that the student can reference after the class.

Can we hold a class with some virtual attendees and some in-person?
Unfortunately, no. On-site courses must be delivered entirely in-person or entirely virtually as we don’t have curriculum designed for mixing virtual and inperson in a single offering.
The virtual classes are shorter in duration than inperson classes and spread across five days to allow for the differences in learning remotely vs. in person. Adding individuals to an in-person class is not an ideal learning environment for the remote attendees.

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