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5 Steps to Growing your Startup with Self-Service Data

Adaptive Biotechnologies is a thriving biotechnology startup, headquartered in Seattle, and playing a major role in the immunotherapy approach to curing cancer. Adaptive Biotechnologies has been growing in leaps and bounds, both organically and through acquisitions - and amassing vast amounts of data in the process. They realized that the key to further accelerating their growth and maturing as an organization was to become data-centric.

Attend this interactive webinar to hear from IT experts from Adaptive Biotechnologies and data analytics platforms, Informatica and Tableau. Learn how embracing a data-centric approach is a key to the company's growth in a highly dynamic and competitive market. Adaptive Biotechnologies' architect will share their approach to data management and self-service analytics to achieve success as a growing startup. They will discuss their present and future data management and analytics architecture and share best practices.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Implement a cloud analytics architecture, from scratch, with Informatica and Tableau.
  • Combine cloud data warehouse with cloud data lake to deliver data for self-service analytics.
  • Foster an agile and collaborative approach to self-service analytics, bringing together the best of business and IT.
  • Integrate data cataloging into your Tableau environment for data discovery and crowdsourced governance.

Join us to learn how you too, can grow your business when embracing a data-centric approach!

About the speakers

Vaidy Krishnan

Senior Product Manager, Tableau

Cyrus Virdeh

Senior Data Warehouse Architect, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Jon Milelli

Senior Director Ecosystem Business Development, Informatica
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