On-Demand Webinar

Supercharge Tableau with Predictive Dashboarding Using Einstein Discovery - Machine Learning Models a Tableau Analyst Can Build and Deploy

This webinar will demonstrate how a Tableau Analyst or even a Data Scientist (not required) can use Salesforce’s Einstein Discovery to rapidly explore datasets with statistical analysis, collaborate with internal stakeholders to build mature predictive models, and then visualize those predictive outputs in Tableau. Those same models can even be integrated into core operational processes, like Claims Routing and Adjudication or Customer/Partner facing Apps and portals. During this interactive session, you will be introduced to:

  • Building and preparing a dataset for predictive analysis and modeling using the best features of Tableau and Einstein’s data prep
  • Designing, refining and deploying a predictive model using Einstein Discovery without having to be a Data Scientist or Salesforce developer
  • Connecting a Tableau extension to Einstein to send and receive predictions data inside a Tableau dashboard
  • Creating actions and workflows in Tableau based on your Einstein model outputs

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