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Using Dashboards to See, Share and Take Action

Performance dashboards are everywhere these days, but that doesn't mean everyone is getting the view they need to make better decisions. Several key factors determine the effectiveness of a dashboard, including the design and layout, but also the nature of metrics represented and the data flow architecture that's under the covers.

Questions that will be answered:

  • How can you ensure that your decision-makers have the optimal dashboards to support their objectives?
  • How can you encourage your team to share valuable data and insights?

Watch this Espresso Shot Webcast to learn from veteran Business Intelligence Analyst Cindi Howson of BI Scorecard. She'll outline best practices for identifying which key performance indicators should be monitored, and also how they should be displayed. In addition, she'll shed light on determining how best to feed performance dashboards with timely, accurate information.

About the speakers

Cindi Howson

Founder BIScorecard
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